First home buyers

Buying your first home is a great goal and a life changing step. In addition to this, the government also has a number of different grants open for First Home Buyers including the Home Builder Grant. If you would like to hear more please reach out. 

Getting down to business!

We are passionate about helping first home buyers.

Yes, every broker tells you that but here are some of the things we have actually done:

Wrote and published an award winning book for first home buyers: “Escape the Rental Trap – Buying Your First Home in 7 Simple Steps”. It sold in bookstores nationwide, was Money Magazine Book for the Month, and I was on on ABC Life Matters programme to talk about it. 
We regularly hold winning presentations and webinars for first home buyers on the total process of buying your own home – not just getting a mortgage (don’t worry we cover that as well!).

I personally spend over 20 hours a week with first home buyers only, educating and helping with the whole process from how to find a property right through to moving in…

If you are not ready to buy yet, that’s ok. We work with clients for a year and more by first assessing where you are now and then developing a plan to get you into a great position to buy.

Here is our recommended process for buying your first property.

Yes it takes a bit of time and commitment to do but after all you are undertaking one of the biggest financial transactions of your life and one that will set you up for decades to come. It’s pretty important!

We take it very seriously for you as well. We want to work with you for years ahead, not just a few months to “get you a mortgage”.




Where to Start

 Book a 20 minute call to discuss your objectives and let’s work out a plan to get you there.