Residential Property Investors

Our approach is based on you, not the property or the mortgage.

Our first interaction with clients is typically you thinking “I want to build a property investment portfolio and need an expert team to work with me”.

The first thing we do it sit with you and develop your long term objectives – what do you really want to achieve over the next 10 years.

“10 properties in 10 years” is a bit of an industry catch cry and we don’t buy it.

It sounds attractive but is not your personalised goal and you don’t want to just purchase anything. We look at what type of properties, value, location, how much debt, cash flow required: most importantly what does it deliver for you?

We believe there is only one question in setting a long term property plan: “How much income do you want your portfolio to generate for you in 10 years time?”

This sets the framework for developing a smart financing strategy. From this “destination” we start with where you are now and the gap between these is the bridge that makes up the plan.

We test this to make sure it is realistic for you, discuss the implications with you for risk, debt levels, assumptions, and cash flows over the period. Sometimes it takes a few iterations and adjustments but planning time spent upfront is well spent.

A good plan is really important – unfortunately some people spend more time planning their overseas holiday than property investment plan.

The result for you is a roadmap for what you can do over the 10 years e.g. how many properties, what price point, what level of debt and leverage, cash flow required, and generated.

We are all then ready to begin! Here is what we do to get it underway:

We then review this every 90 days together to track progress and make adjustments.

Most importantly, it is a comprehensive rigorous process built for you to meet your goals.

How much do we charge you for all this? Nothing. Zero.

Our whole process and business is built on strong relationships and trust with our clients. You are under no obligation to use us for anything.

In fact you could just take this whole plan and do it yourself or even give it to another mortgage broker (please don’t do that!).

Our business only survives and thrives on our partnerships with our clients. We assume that you will be delighted to work with us, you will see the value of doing so, and when it is time to take a mortgage you will use us to do so.

Whoever the mortgage is placed with pays us and we continue working with you.

Please reach out if you’d like to discuss this further.