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If you are looking for a stock-standard “mortgage broker” then you won’t find one at this site!


We pride ourselves in going that bit further, But you will read that on the any other broker’s websites. So what does it actually mean?


We do more than that.


Yes, mortgages are our bread and butter – and if that’s all you’re after we can get you a fantastic deal.

But our real value is what we can help you with in the long term. We view our clients as our partners. This means even if you are only thinking about it, or a long way from being able to buy now, we can still help you.


We get to understand what you would like to do, assess what is possible, and help you get a plan in place so you know what you can do, when, and how.

We don’t charge you for this and don’t even lock you in. We just think if we do our best to help you, one day you might use us to assist with your property finance, and you might even tell others about us!


What is really important for us is stepping back and finding out where you want to be in 10 years time. We ask the questions and make sure we understand this. We then design a plan to work with you to achieve that.


Of course we hope you will take a mortgage out with us and we will get you the right one for you because we are experts at doing this. But first let’s work explore where you want to get to. We will work back from there.


Tim Boyle, owner of Finalytics Financial and best selling author of “Escape the Rental Trap” is a property and commercial finance specialist that can help you find the right home loan, guide you with an additional property purchase or look after your commercial finance requirements.

We Specialise in three areas

20+ years experience in finance & property investment

Any broker will tell you they can help anyone with a mortgage or looking to buy property, want a lower rate…

… yes, we can do all those things. Pretty well in fact.

But that is like asking an accountant for financial planning advice.  They will know how to do it and probably do a good job but wouldn’t you know that it was better to get a specialist financial planner to do it?

We specialise in three areas.

Yes we can get you a great interest deal and we save almost all new clients money on their mortgage by finding them a better rate. (If you on a great arrangement now, we will tell you that and encourage you to stick with it. We aren’t here to get some short term commission but “churning” your mortgage for the sake of it).

We even have valued business owner clients we do total business financing for from purchasing a commercial premises, through to short term cash flow financing.

But our “value add” goes way beyond that. We work with two main groups of clients and a few key client segments within those.

We have developed a methodology to go way beyond “finding you a great mortgage”.

First Home Buyers
Your dream first home. We'll show you how you can get that nicer one!
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Property Investors
Keep more of your money in your pocket from start to finish
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You'll be stunned by the difference a specialist home loan provider can make.
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What Our Clients

Have To Say About Us!

We would like to express our thanks for the work Tim and his team did for us this past year.

His expertise and attention to detail helped us navigate some tricky financial situations when purchasing our home of the future.

His continual advice (even on holidays) on financial challenges helped save us significant money and time.

With Tim you get passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients. Thanks so much for your help. 

Kerry and Brandon

Thanks Tim and Peter.

Thank you for your time effort over my journey of trying to get into my first place. You guys were always super fantastic at replying to my emails and answering my ‘newbie’ questions.

I will certainly passing on your details to anyone looking for a mortgage broker. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for all your support.

Nick H. (first home buyer)

Okay thanks Tim, will be guided by you (that has worked out pretty well for me so far!)

Kind Regards

Shaun C. (first home buyer)

Having purchased our owner occupied property only 18 months ago I thought it was too early to do much with.

​However Tim from Finalytics Financial worked with me to devise a long term property plan.


He laid it out to demonstrate exactly what I need to do to reach my financial goals over the next 10 years. I knew I had to do something more proactive as my company Super won’t support my desired lifestyle and this got me excited and motivated to get my portfolio going.

​The first thing he did was to refinance our existing loan on to a much lower interest rate saving me thousands a year. He structured it in such a way so we could use the equity to finance our first investment property.


Through his network and advice we found a great property in Flemington, Melbourne that perfectly fitted our criteria and objectives.


Tim and the team he pulled together made the whole process really easy for us – I couldn’t believe how little we had to do.


Now we have a great property, am delighted about the price we paid, it is financed really well and was tenanted with high quality occupants from day one. 


We are now continuing our plan with Tim and plan to buy our second investment property soon.


​The best thing is I can now see my wealth building almost in the background while I focus on my career and family.


​I have already recommended Tim to others and if you really want to build your wealth while you concentrate on your busy life and priorities then I recommend you should speak to him as well!

​David A, Melbourne (investor)

Hi Tim

I just wanted to drop you and your team a note of thanks. You all have been amazing help financing the purchase our new home, in what was a long a drawn out process in the end.


Throughout you all provided the best advice and kept two very nervous people in check! I know we bombarded you at times however you and the team were fully supportive and patient with all our questions.


Thank you so much for helping us take the first step towards our longer term goals, here’s to the next one!



Glen S | Commercial Manager Asia Pacific (owner-occupier)