Over the years we have established a specialist service just for nurses. We learned early on that you are quite unique and as such we believe we can give you great benefit form our service.


Pay Structure

Nurses are paid differently to many other industries.

Most brokers don’t understand the various allowances, overtime, public holiday, and salary packaging in a nurses pay structures.

Don’t let others tell you these are small issues. They fundamentally impact your approval prospects and borrowing capacity.


Lender Requirements

The key with the pay structures is ensuring the lenders assess them properly. Most lenders have a very standardised method for assessing applicant’s income.

You need a broker who not only understands your pay structure but make sure it’s presented to a lender that reflects your true earnings situation so all your allowances, overtime, and packaging are recognised properly.

This not only increases the chances of your loan being approved, but will impact how much the lender will approve for you as well.


Lender Selection

Lenders have very different policies for how they view and recognise elements of your pay.

Some only recognise 80% of your allowances, some cap overtime recognised, and others will only consider parts of your tax packaging.

These have major impacts on your final approval amount and because lenders have different rules it is important to assess your pay by item to ensure we choose the most advantageous lender for your particular situation.


Understand You

We know the rigours and requirements of your shift work.

Your non-work time is even more important and the last thing we want you to have to do is to give up valuable rest just to get to us in hours that suit us.

We work around you and usually meet our nursing clients at the hospital before or after a shift to minimise the disruption to your already punishing schedule.