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About The Company & The Man Behind It

Tim Boyle, owner of Finalytics Financial and best selling author of “Escape the Rental Trap” is a property and commercial finance specialist that can help you find the right home loan, guide you with an additional property purchase or look after your commercial finance requirements.

Finalytics Financial

Not just another mortgage broker, Tim Boyle is also an experienced Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience in finance and property investment.

“I’m a Melbourne based credit adviser with a background in chartered accounting and corporate finance.

Once completing my accounting qualifications in New Zealand I transferred to London and worked in corporate finance and consulting in various countries around the world for 12 years.

Due to a health condition I then had to quit corporate life and set up my own consulting business working with business owners in many industries to improve their business profitability.

I have always had a strong interest in investing and because of my background was attracted to shares more than property in my early career days.

However after personally witnessing (and suffering!) three “once in a lifetime” severe market corrections in 2000 (the “tech wreak”), 2001 (“September 11”), and 2008 (“the global financial crisis”) I was finally convinced there has got to be  a better way to create wealth over the long term with much less risk and without being derailed and suffering huge setbacks by short term events.

Using my financial background I did a lot of research, even including attending several “free weekend seminars” (hint: be wary of these – they are selling pitches by people who need your money) and saw property as by far the best way to reliable build personal wealth.

Researching how the really wealthy made their money further confirmed this.

This does not mean it is simple though and you have to avoid all the spruikers and other sharks the industry tends to attract and suck people dry through big promises and bigger fees and commissions.

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What I Learnt

Stripping it all down made me realise there are three key elements to successful property investment:

‘1. Plan well – start with the end in mind – what you are trying to achieve and work back from there

‘2. Buy well – buy property that will always be in demand and don’t overpay for it

‘3. Finance well – borrowing is a critical aspect of property that makes it work or not so you have to do this well.

Recognising and aplying these rules, along with my love of helping people, I set up my own mortgage broking business called Finalytics Financial.

I got into broking because finance is in my DNA and I could see the value a quality broker who is prepared to really understand and work with clients over the long term can do.

I now work with two primary groups of people – First Home Buyers and Property Investors.

A few years ago I was working with a nursing client who was buying her first home. She was very frustrated about how her bank had treated her and how the real estate agents dealt with her when she was looking at properties.

She was intelligent enough to see through all the B.S, but didn’t quite know what to do about it.

It struck me that what she really needed was a process, a methodology on how to go about the whole process so I sketched something out on paper in the meeting and her immediate comment was “this is so helpful and exactly what I need to know, you should write a book on this”.

So I did!

In fact I published an award winning book for first home buyers called “Escape the Rental Trap – Buying Your First Property in 7 Simple Steps”.

I received great reviews, had industry magazines writing about it, as well as being on national radio. All that was great but the best thing was the feedback I received from so many to say it really helped them buy their first property they had so long dreamed of doing but didn’t quite know how all the pieces fitted together.

Additionally I developed a methodology to help property investors. I could see apart from all the spruikers and money grabbers mentioned earlier,  the real problem is investors also need a process to go about the business of property investment.

It should be treated as a business and not just doing what many do which is to buy a property they like the look of  and hopefully add to their portfolio as they go.

The problem with this is that most people run out of borrowing capacity after buying 2-3 properties and if it is really to be a significant retirement income source you need more that that.

In fact over 90% of property investors in Australia have 1-2 properties and the reason they stop there is they have run out of borrowing capacity.

This is so frustrating and does not have to be the case. By doing a proper plan and working to that accordingly you can realistically develop a great portfolio of properties to create the wealth and income you deserve.

The key is in using a proven process and developing a plan for you. That is where I come in.

So if you are thinking of buying your first property or building your investment portfolio contact me.

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You deserve to have the financial  freedom and reward that comes with home ownership and it gives me so much satisfaction to assist and just make this as easy as possible for you.”